Gas supply

Cool Bubble sparkling water machine

  • Features
  1. Environmental protection, 2 liter capacity of cylinder.
  2. Focus on safety, all food grade equipment.
  3. Keep quality, 100% made from Taiwan.
  4. Without doubt, using 316 stainless steel valve.
  5. Cut down single-use plastics, by Tritan material bottle.
  • Contents

Host header, cylinder, base and water bottle.

  • Lever principle twisted design|own three patents, it is easy use and labor-saving




  • Food safety|food grade certificates No.003196


  • Use safety|Code detection on gas cylinders to make it safe.鋼瓶掃碼追蹤
  • Keep quality|100% made from Taiwan
  • All food grade material, like aluminum alloy material, cylinder valve, silicone gaskets.
  • Environmental protection|minus 30 percentage of plastic

    Cylinder capacity is three times bigger than others to cut down exchange times.


  • Focus on customer needs|bottle can be used in everywhere and anytime

    Water bottle is made from Tritan without BPA and BPS.

    It is widely used in baby bottles and portable bottles.

    It is transparent design, durable and eco-friendly.