Super clean series
  • Product Features

。Dual core dry ice blasting equipment.

。Grinding system with ice tray system.

。Be Suitable for medium or small parts and machinery wash.

  • Product Features

。Easy to carry around.

。Be suitable for cleaning small machinery, parts and molds.

  • Product Features

。Fast cleaning, no disruption to production.

。It can enter many narrow spaces.

。Equipment is light.


  • Product Features

。Adjustable amount of produced ice at the same time.

。Powerful MIX function.

。Can mixed with baking powder.

。Be suitable for large machinery and large area cleaning.

  • Product Features

。Controllable dry ice flow and fineness.

。Cleaning with dust collection function.

  • Product Features

。Compliance with clean room cleaning specification.

。Ultra-precision dry cleaning.

。Non-touching micro-cleaning.

。Easy to move, highly mobile.

。No secondary waste.