Dry ice blasting

Super Clean P3+

  • Product Features

。Adjustable amount of produced ice at the same time.

。Powerful MIX function.

。Can mixed with baking powder.

。Be suitable for large machinery and large area cleaning.

  • Blasting strength

blasting machine benefit

blasting application

  • Dry ice blasting principle

Dry ice particles can be used to cleaning the surface at supersonic speed on the surface without damaging, no substance remains and removing the contaminants completely. It can maintain the quality of product and prolong the mold period.


  • Traditional cleaning method

Pushed up by pressurized air flow, it becomes a contaminant upon touching the cleaning object. The hazardous substances are classified as toxic waste and we need to pay additional cost on the waste disposal. If the shutdown time is too long, the secondary waste cost is too high to wear seriously.

  • Cleaning method comparison


 。Decreased downtime

It can reduce the cost of the production line by 80%. Not only save the time and manpower but also reduce the time of cooling and heating. It can enhance competitiveness and reduce the damage of the mold.

 。Faster, more thorough clean

Dry ice blasting is more efficient than traditional manual cleaning because of dry ice blasting system can be used by skilled workers. According to various environment, it cost 10-20 times faster than manual cleaning. Dry ice blasting is a dry treatment. Compared with manual cleaning, dry ice blasting can successfully clean narrow space and everywhere.

 。Eliminates equipment damage

Dry ice blasting is not corrosive, combustible, and conductive. It can be safely used in electronic components without corrosion or loss of the cleaning source.

 。Reduces or eliminates solvent use

One of the reasons why chosen dry ice blasting because of environmental regulations. Some use dry ice blasting to reduce or discard solvent cleaning. The others use dry ice blasting to avoid exposure chemicals because it meets USDA, FDA and EPA standard.

 。Reduces waste disposal

Solvent, sandblasting and traditional polishing methods will encounter a large amount of waste disposal costs. But dry ice blasting does not produce secondary pollution so it can save waste disposal cost.